Explore and engage strategic tools that enable you to discover “You” and the VALUE that you can create, provide and sustain, having a clearer perspective of

  • WHO you are,
  • WHAT you represent,
  • WHAT you stand for and
  • WHO/WHAT you have been called to – to Serve, Influence and Impact. – Engage Tools

It proves true that people spend over 75% of their time daily in interpersonnal relationships,  at home, work, leisure, and everywhere else. The center of these interpersonal relathionships is powered by COMMUNICATION

Discover how you can effectively communicate your passion, vision, goals/objectives to your people, teams and/or a partner? Contact StephREDD

Be among the 8% that set and achieve their goals yearly. Partner with a professional that can help you declutter and find the clarity that you need to be decisive and precise with the tactics required to set and achieve your goals in the shortest possible time. Contact StephREDD.

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I am StephREDD!

Your Bilingual Communication Strategist, Career-Life Coach & Human Resource Advisor.

I engage COMMUNICATION like an art to Entertain, Inform, Inspire and Influence you  to commit to a set cause for your Career, Business and Life in general, in order to Win at it and live a life of irrefutable Impact.

Determine from here on to Live INTENTIONALY, regardless of anxieties, fear and failure, and forge ahead with a definite purpose to WIN!

I believe You Can… I say You Must… I know You WILL!

So never give up, until You Win, Win Again,

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Dr. Amenze

Stephanie is a fantastic coach, she’s objective and has an ear for picking up things that matter. She doesn’t stop guiding and probing till you reach the last “why”.
My second session with her left me in tears as I unearthed emotions I didn’t realise I had on something that had held me in limbo for a while. It was fantastic cos understanding what held me back helped me forge a realistic plan to move forward.
She’s dedicated to helping others and it’s her passion and objectivity I find most welcoming.


I met with Stephanie at a time when I was torn between the demands of marriage and my career. She asked the right questions and listened keenly for answers that will prompt me in the right direction. She also armed me with simple tools that I used with my spouse and changed the trajectory of both my marriage and career positively. Stephanie is professional, empathetic, real and follows through. She comes highly recommended especially when you need clarity on the next steps for your life.


StephREDD is an absolute professional. Focused me during sessions and helped me get to workable actions on improving my relationships. Also followed up to know how the actions were helping. Would certainly recommend her as coach to anyone who is serious about making real improvements in their lives.

Dr. Ada

My coaching sessions with Stepredd were awesome!
I got in all jacked up and confused about how to move forward in attaining my goals. She piece by piece took apart the great ball of tangled yarn that was in my head and spread it all out for me to see.
Then step by step she would task me to find a solution to every little step. At the end of the day, i was able to have definite goals with acheiveable plans. I feel more in control and equipped to win!!!
Thank you Coach!


I had a couple of sessions with StephREDD when I had issues relating with my husband. She made me realize certain things and my marriage is a lot better now.


"Goal Setting" (identifying and  documenting your goals) is the easiest part of the journey to achieving your dreams. The "Realisation" however (implementation, commitment, discipline, consistency, focus, resilience)... "THIS" is the REAL DEAL!

SUCCESS/GREATNESS is always a consequence of INTENTION. What have you been doing DAILY... INTENTIONALLY, to move you one step closer to your desired GOAL?

REMEMBER, Clocks DON'T Stop... Time WON'T Wait...