Hello, I am StephREDD

A connoisseur Coach, Speaker, Trainer, Motivator and all-round fun communication expert.


The Genius Activator

Helping you BE & SHOW UP with your Genius!

I am StephREDD, a connoisseur Coach, Speaker, Trainer, Motivator and all-round fun communication expert with an inborn talent of singing, dancing and role-playing.

If it would interest you, I hold a Master’s degree in the French Language, I am a certified Life Coach, Global Human Resources professional, Emotional Intelligence and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Practitioner.

Quite important to note… I AM BILINGUAL!

Cela veut dire que je parle très bien anglais et français; une belle traductrice et interprète si vous en avez besoin.

Worked a professional job for a little over 15 years, served in Nigeria, Cameroon and Ghana and sometime in the 15th year, I GOT FIRED!!! That was when I began my journey to BECOMING.

A journey that has progressed through and risen above shame, loss, rejection, fear, anxiety, uncertainty and despair and forged stronger with hope, courage and a sheer determination to NEVER give up until I win. Through this journey, I have discovered, honed and now productively engaging my GENIUS, which drives me to inspire others to discover their own “genius”, turn it into a skill and engage it suitably to achieve immeasurable possibilities for self, career, business and society.

Bilingual Trainer & Speaker

Identity & Communication Coach

I have an audacious knack for making people laugh, even at their insecurities while offering them an opportunity to rise above them. I do this in every encounter, whether I am coaching, training, public speaking, or just being ME. I have organised and facilitated training, corporate and social events in English and French uniquely and in collaboration with other notable consultants and trainers within and outside of Nigeria.

My greatest passion is to inspire, instruct, impact and influence people to fan aglow the spark to dare to be visionaries, self-starters, self-motivators and legacy builders. I am the founder of Red Instinxts – a social development and empowerment firm. I am blessed to have an amazing husband, “The CzarConomist” and two incredible sons.

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