Hi there, I am StephREDD!

A connoisseur Life Coach, Psycotherapist & Transformational Speaker.


The Genius Activator

Helping you KNOW, BE & SHOW UP with your Genius!

I am StephREDD, a trained Linguist, certified Life Coach, Emotional Intelligence and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy practitioner with a progressive drive to help individuals and teams identify, ignite and optimise their GENIUS to impact and transform their societies with it while pursuing personal, team, organisational and/or societal goals.

If it would interest you, I hold a Master’s degree in the French Language. I have coached, trained and spoken to several thousands of professionals and individuals in anglophone and francophone Africa at different phases of their career and life journeys and helped redirect many on a trajectory of optimised living.

Quite important to note… I AM BILINGUAL!

Cela veut dire que je parle très bien anglais et français; une belle traductrice et interprète si vous en avez besoin.

I am intentional and dodged, with a resolve to stay on the path to progressively BECOMING regardless of uncertainties, disruptions and adversities and have also become committed to helping others do the same.

This journey to BECOMING has progressed through and risen above shame, loss, rejection, fear, anxiety, uncertainty and despair and forged stronger with hope, courage and a sheer determination to NEVER give up until I win. More importantly, the goal is not just about winning, but FINISHING STRONG. So, I discovered, honed and now productively engage my GENIUS, which drives me to instruct and inspire others to discover their own “genius”, turn it into a skill and engage it suitably to achieve immeasurable possibilities for self, relationships, career, business and society.

Bilingual Trainer & Speaker

Self-ReEngineering & Communication Expert

I have an audacious knack for making people laugh, even at their insecurities while offering them an opportunity to rise above them. I LIGHT UP every stage and leave a spark in hearts and minds with each encounter, whether coaching, instructing or just speaking. The ultimate goal is TRANSFORMATION - Individual, Team or Social.

My greatest drive is to instruct, inspire, impact and influence behaviour for progressive social transformation. I am THAT COACH that every Visionary, private or public Leader and Statesman needs to fan aglow their spark and sustain their fire to envision, curate and build lasting legacies.

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