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Coaching for self-optimisation, improved performance, increased productivity, self-fulfilment and societal impact. I will be partnering with you to identify the limitations that have obstructed you from achieving your goals, design the road map that you require to enable you to achieve them more consistently and infuse you with the tenacity to see it through.
  • 8-weeks of 1-hour coaching weekly (virtual).
  • customised coaching tools and worksheets.
  • integrated Emotional Intelligence and Strategic Communication coaching.
  • weekly motivation, handholding, emotional /psychological support and therapy.
  • goalsetting, strategy activation and progress evaluation.
  • submission of a personalised Identity Wheel and personalised self-optimisation template roadmap.


At the end of this intervention, you will be able to upskill/reskill, engage and optimise your GENIUS resourcefully. You will have

  • a clearly defined short, mid and longterm goals.
  • developed the ability to align/realign your noble goals with your values and beliefs.
  • mapped out an action plan for the realisation of your noble goals.
  • developed the emotional competence to effectively manage yourself and others.
  • developed the communication skills that you require for effective interpersonal relationship and successful business negotiations.
  • revamped your self-perception.
  • developed the discipline required to improve your performance and increase your productivity on your career, your business and your life in general.
  • access to StephREDD‘s networking platform.



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