This Communication course was designed to enable participants to overcome various levels of communication challenges which they consider impeding to achieving their relationships, career, business and interpersonal goals in the different areas of life’s engagements. After three immensely successful streams and phenomenal feedback in 2020, the course now relaunches a few notches higher to effectively deal with the identified root cause of communication misalignments at home, work, business and daily interpersonal engagements.

This course has been redesigned to improve your communication prowess and enable you to show up stronger and more authentically to win with communication.

The Goal

1. Understand the psychology of communication.

2. Identify and crush sabotaging beliefs that negatively impact effective communication of the original intent.

3. Spot the root cause of communication interferences and build the required skill to stop them.

4. Identify and develop skills to navigate the triggers that hinder effective communication.

5. Overcome recurring patterns of F.E.A.R. in communication.

6.  Effectively apply emotional intelligence to achieve communication excellence.

7. Improve diction and enunciation.

8. Learn and master the ART of communicating with Presence.

9. Become a more skilful, confident and compelling communicator.


This is a 2-day intensive virtual program.

A physical program can be arranged, respecting all health and safety protocols.

Who Should Attend?

Individuals, Couples/Intending Couples, Team Leads, Leaders-in-Training and Aspiring Speakers who desire to reinvent their communication style to influence the transmission and realisation of their career, business and life goals.


Virtual Instructions, Evaluations, Interactive Videos, Presentations, Role Plays and Worksheets.


Certificate of Participation.


100 USD or 50,000 naira


11th to 12th May 2021

12 pm to 3 pm daily.

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