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  • …that you are a GENIUS and that your genius is your UNIQUENESS?
  • …that you are constantly running a unique PROGRAM and must frequently STOP to ask “WHY” this?
  • …that there is MORE than you currently believe you know and can do? 
  • …that you BECOME what you constantly BEHOLD, physically or mentally?
  • ..that WHO YOU HAVE BECOME is not final?


  • Are you bubbling in unwavering joy, contentment and peace regardless of places, people and pressures? 
  •  Are you optimising your time, energy, skills and relationships resourcefully?
  • Have you built the tenacity to overcome anxieties, rise above depression, combat stress, manage shock, survive the loss, stay focused, chase after greatness and excel?

Achieve your desired SUCCESS in your career and life, in general, with a dedicated coach to keep you fired up with a focus to WIN!


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Speak French in 6 Months!

Do you LOVE the French language and desire to speak it fluently enough to increase your career potentials and influence your immigration possibilities?

Then register to participate in the highly effective 6-months’ French program for beginners.

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Communication, Diction & Enunciation Worsksop

It is believed that “a team is only as strong as its weakest link”. While this narrative stands true, it is also a fact that “a successful team is only as effective as its Communication Strategy.”

As a Leader, Team member or intentional go-getter, do you frequently encounter roadblocks when communicating your intents? What is your communication strategy? Do you know and effectively engage your most impactful communication style? What are the indices of your “Communication Wheel”?

Boost your effectiveness to connect, convince and convert by decoding the strategies that allow you to

  • overcome self-sabotaging identity beliefs that gravely impact effective communication,
  • identify and improve your communication style,
  • tackle mother-tongue interference, and
  • improve diction and enunciation

in order to communicate your passion and your purpose with precision in the CDE Workshop.

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Bilingual Orator

Let StephREDD enthrall your audience with a fluent blend of English, French, Pidgin and a little touch of a local language that is close to your heart.

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