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S.P.O.T-Me Audio is a 2-hour instructive, self-reflective, thought-provoking and therapeutic self-coaching audio that helps you to evaluate, refine and reposition your IDENTITY critically.  This audio will facilitate rebuilding your self-confidence, competence and courage, and enable you to map out a strategy for a more authentic, productive and purposeful engagement of your talents, passions and skills, to achieve the success and greatness that you desire and deserve. It is a revolutionary tool that will empower you to be your Coach in moments when you cannot reach one.

NOW is a great time to make time for you, so that you can progressively gift your world with the most optimal version of YOU!

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10 reviews for SPOT-Me Audio

  1. Segun Awe

    SPOT-Me was such a timely self-evaluation tool for me. It came across at the time I had a lot of conflicting thoughts to grapple with.

    The program has helped me to gain clearer perspective about my unique IDENTITY which has redirected my focus to set new goals.

    Particularly revealing were the thought provoking questions that called for profound self-assessment and moments of reflection.

    Thank you StephREDD for this well put together program.

  2. Tinuke

    SPOT-me has changed my life! It’s given me a new level of self realization that I never even thought possible. I have gotten so much clarity and confidence just by going through this program. I love that it’s a whole package broken into parts. When I first started, I didn’t realize I was being defensive in my responses till I got to other parts that referred to previous answers… Basically, SPOT me was breaking down the layers around me bit by bit. Not only did I discover my identity, I also discovered who I wanted to be and set goals to work towards it. I found that when I performed the tasks and set goals, there was a mind shift going on each time. My self esteem improved tremendously! I’m super thankful to have gone through this program and grateful to Coach StephREDD for being very intentional and supportive. Anyone looking to grow to the next level definitely needs this! I recommend 1000%

  3. Mascoteda

    When I first listened to Spot-Me I had different emotions run through me, first I fought with myself deep inside, then it dawn on me that I had built this shield round myself when it comes to what I truly want to achieve in life, then I cried and then I broke free, unknown to me I had practically stopped dreaming but SPOT-ME made me realised that and I am grateful that I went through that process of knowing who I truly am. I rediscovered myself and it stired up new dreams and goals for me. It was an amazing journey to self rediscovery because I had to answer tough questions about who I truly am. Thank you StephREDD for taking me through this journey, you’re an amazing coach with a SPOTTING tool that does magic to anyone who is ready for a change. Love you.

  4. Nkeoma DND Agu

    SPOT-Me changed my life, my business and my finances. It gave me clarity, drive, direction and focus when I needed it most. Within a couple of weeks I was able to move my business and finances to a whole new level that still amazes me. I asked myself tough questions from the memoir and it was when I answered them truthfully that the light came on. Thank you, Coach StephREDD. I am ✈ now.

  5. Michael Ogu

    Listening to the audios brought clarity for me on what my identity truly is. The questions in the audio evoked awareness of what is possible when I put my mind to it. Great job and we’ll done.

  6. Nkem Offonabo

    As someone who is committed to self-growth and personal effectiveness, I have a good understanding of the concept of identity and self awareness but listening to StephRedd’s Spot-Me IDENTITY changed the narrative for me.

    I didn’t realise it until I had covered over 5pages of my workbook writing down new discoveries about myself.

    StephRedd has a way with words and knows how to use it instructively and transformatively.

    Thank you StephRedd for giving yourself and your expertise to humanity.

  7. Kaosara

    The spot-me memoir was all I needed a few periods back to gain clarity. The two audios took me to my past through powerful questioning, helped me assess my present and prepared me for my next journey. The questions are deep and thought-provoking. The part that queried ‘who I am without my qualification’ was it for me. It made me go into a deep reflection of my true self and how I see myself. Thanks, Stephanie for the powerful work you did on these audios. Great voice and great insights. Thanks

  8. Ukamaka Ude

    Amazing! Amazing!! Amazing!!!
    Listening to the two audio at first, took me through an INTROSPECTIVE journey and then got me recharged, reignited and ready to step on the WORLDS’ Stage.

  9. Mary Alenoghena

    Listening to both audios, answering all questions and doing a self evaluation was very insightful and helpful. I didn’t realise how much I wrote or needed it till I finished and I realized that I had written 14 pages of notes from listening to both audios. I particularly loved the affirmations and I’m definitely adopting them henceforth. But majorly, they opened me up to self awareness and by the time i got to the goal setting part, I could easily pour out my heart and set goals which were born from a deep sense of desire, knowledge and awareness. I am more aware of my identity. The person I am in this very moment. My values, beliefs, qualities, attributes, traits, uniqueness, challenges, fears, motivation, drive, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats.

    I feel driven to try, to give my best shot, to keep going till I win. I was even motivated while listening to the ending of the threats part to design a simple wallpaper which will be my constant reminder to TRY EVERYTHING.


    The Spot-Me-Swot- and Identity audios are life changers. listening to the teachings in these audios has helped me identify my inner self.
    I was able to discover who exactly I really am, and what I am most passionate about. I now have a clearer understanding of my strengths and weaknesses and how best to channel them in my career journey.

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