The Compelling Woman

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A comprehensive 4-day program designed to equip women with the skill to communicate their essence on Purpose, with Power and for Profit while connecting and inspiring growth and productivity for self and others.

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This program will

  • refine your assertiveness
  • improve and harmonise your emotional and social intelligence
  • boost your confidence and courage
  • improve your negotiation skill
  • empower your self-esteem and worth
  • reengineer your “Personal Presence”
  • strengthen your active listening skill
  • improve your diction and enunciation
  • activate your Voice as a Nurturer, Leader, Coach and Nation Builder.

2 reviews for The Compelling Woman

  1. Lily

    Thank you for the opportunity

  2. Edna Akpomera

    I can’t wait to see changes in all that concerns me

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