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The Unveil, Review, Redefine & Relaunch (UR³) conference is an annual event organised to invigorate people to enable them to show up stronger in the face of life’s most debilitating challenges. It is a call to survival, to envision, to manage transitions, to build-to-last and thrive.


  • You will learn practical steps that will inspire you to commit to finding, being and applying your GENIUS passionately and profitably, to inspire your world and build a legacy from it.
  • It’s not theory, it’s practical and very real conversations that will set you up for success. Speakers will share how they bounced back from their biggest setbacks and reveal tested and trusted success principles that have helped them thrive in their personal and professional lives.
  • Get equipped to take on 2021 and thrive regardless of whatever it brings!



  1. Dr. Eric Zackrison, President/CEO, IDI.US Inc. – Progressing, Onward & Forward using Critical Thinking
  2. Dr. Ruth Goma, Developmental Psychologist & Life Coach – Therapy: A Significant Tool for Navigating Adversity
  3. Sam Obafemi, President, SOBCAonline – Business Intelligence: Starting & Sustaining Entrepreneurship
  4. Zeal Akaraiwe, CHO, Graeme Blaque Advisory – Financial Intelligence: How to Create, Grow & Sustain Wealth
  5. Magriet Mouton, Director, Being Human Group – Keeping Your Strengths Activated & Optimised In & Beyond Adversity
  6. Stephanie Kadiri “StephREDD”, CEO, StephREDD Solutions, – Host


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