Service Expressions


Career & Life Coaching 


…that there is ALWAYS something MORE that you CAN do?


…that the kind of WORK that you do will shape the course of your CAREER; and the sum total of your Career will determine the BEST or WORST of your LIFE’S OUTCOME?

Transformational Coaching: What is the health status of your  choices thus far? Do the choices that you make leave you bubbling in sound health, barely getting by or hanging by a very thin thread? Hopefully, not any of the latter! But if otherwise, you’ve still got HOPE! So chin up!

Integrative Coaching: Take charge of your life’s narratives by beginning to engage your time, energy, skills and optimise your relationships more resourcefully. Overcome anxieties, rise above depression, combat stress, manage shock, apply yourself with intention and live with a PURPOSE!


Goal & Purpose: One SURE instrument that you need is a STRONG wind beneath your wings, to keep you fired up with a focus to WIN! By this, I mean you need a GREAT Coach. And hey! You just found One! 🙂

Let StephREDD set you on the path towards achieving your life goals.


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Communication Strategy 

“A team is only as strong as its weakest link”.

While this narration stands true, it also accords with the fact that “A successful team is only as effective as its Comunication Strategy.”

Are you a Leader who envisions and sets goals for your team to run with? Do you frequently encounter road blocks when communicating your vision, intents and execution strategies? What is your communication strategy?

What is your communication style?… 

“Why” do you communicate?

“What” do you communicate?… 

“How” do you communicate?… 

“When” do you communicate?…

“Where” do you communicate?…


Optimise your effectiveness by decoding the strategies that allow you to communicate your passion and your purpose with precision.


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Bilingual Orator, Trainer & Conference Speaker

Let StephREDD inform, inspire, excite and impact your audience in English, French, Pidgin and a little touch of a language that is close to your heart.

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