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“Life is a progressively unfolding journey. So we never really ARE, but must remain committed to the process of BECOMING.” ~ StephREDD


Hello Genius!

Do you know that your GENIUS...

...is Your Uniqueness; and your uniqueness is your IDENTITY? ~ StephREDD


Dear Genius!

Be Great... BeGENIUS!

Know It... Be It... Give it! ~ StephREDD




Dear Genius,

Every day, we seek to be MORE, in our homes, on our jobs, in business, in our relationships and generally in life. Then life happens to us and we lose steam of our passions. Nevertheless, we proceed to develop new passions for things that we are not passionate about; but soon enough, we begin to feel dissatisfied and uninspired. Yet, we remain stuck because we are uncertain about the future and are unable to define what the “more” that we seek looks like.

If this resonates with you, know this, you are not alone! I TOO, was once there and by committing to pick myself up and charge through the rubble undeterred by the happenings of life, I now show up competently, confidently and courageously with my GENIUS, and would like to show you how to do the same.

Over the last 5 years, I have worked with individuals, focus teams and corporates to help them find the clarity of purpose that they need to operate in the fullness of their genius and soar through life. Now you too have the chance to bring your unarticulated dreams, desires, ideas and the full spectrum of your Genius to the fore to impact your world.

The Self-Reengineering Coaching Program (SRCP) is a 6-week immersion of intense coaching that takes you on a deep dive to reconnect with your core, re-ignite your passions, talents and skills and activate your genius to achieve your ultimate goals and live your best life progressively.

With mind-repositioning masterclasses, focus team engagements, envisioning, strategic goal setting and self-alignment, you will acquire rock-solid competence that reels your unique power and exudes confident expressions of your creativity to enable you to impact your world and enjoy a fulfilling and purposeful life.

$350 $500


It’s time to let your GENIUS to shine through.

Wondering if SRCP is for you?

  • Do you desire to make optimal use of your identity to achieve outstanding personal, career/business, relationship/marriage/family and interpersonal results?

  • Would you like to identify, develop and resourcefully engage your strengths to improve your performance and increase your productivity?

  • Would you like to spot and commit to managing your weaknesses and acquiring new strategies to develop potential strengths progressively?

  • Do you desire to know how to prepare for, spot and seize opportunities to effectively engage your core areas of strength?

  • Do you desire an increased ability to determine, measure and make intentional decisions that will guide you through withstanding and/or overcoming imminent or potential threats?

  • Would you like to rediscover, refine, reposition and re-engage with your Genius?

  • Do you desire to impact your world with your Genius?

  • Do you desire MORE???

If you responded YES to these questions, then SURELY, SRCP is for you!


In 6 weeks, you will undergo a radical re-evaluation and redefinition of yourself that will re-ignite your passions, talents and skills. You will acquire strategies that enable you to progressively engage with the courage to achieve your desired outcome for yourself and others.

Join the Self-Reengineering Coaching Program today to help you re-ignite your passions, talents and skills to achieve your personal, career/business, relationship and life goals to live your best life. Together with other geniuses, you will explore the depths of your genius, discover hidden creative prowess and acquire bullet-proof strategies to engage competently, confidently and courageously.

With up to 30% Earlybird discount, this is a limited-time offer you don’t want to miss!
Discounted slots will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis until 27th December, 2022.

What You’ll Get

  • Bi-weekly 3-hour integrative coaching webinar.
  • Customised tools and resources materials.
  • Two sessions of personalised 1-on-1 coaching.
  • Three months of FREE access to the GeniusPARK app.
  • One-time registration fee.

The program commences on 3rd January 2023.

$350 $500


It’s time to let your GENIUS to shine through.

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