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How do we survive the constant challenges of a rapidly evolving society – economic instability, ill-norms, misguided beliefs, unethical values, fading systems, unemployment, moral decadence, security unrest…?

How do we come to terms with the diversity intolerance experienced at work, home, in institutions, trusted relationships?… The gridlock of an avoidable maze?… The blaring horns of a helpless impatient lot?… The uncharming herb-flavored-rustic-baritone of the hustling bus conductors/drivers and their salt-washed, carbon-monoxide dispensing automobiles?

And worse, retire to the noisy-pestilence from the power generating sets of an unassuming neighbourhood to get by a seeming restful night; or be doomed for a pitch-dark, heat-stroke party attended by human-rig mosquitoes with straws for proboscis.

How do we manage to weather it all so easily without creasing our “white/blue/yellow-collar”?… Without breaking a sweat… WITHOUT GOING INSANE?

Is it MASTERY at its finest… or INSANITY at its “subtlest”?


One writer says Insanity is the dark/night times of our lives, and Sanity, the light/daytimes. By this, moments of uncertainty, confusion, hurt, pain, sadness, disappointment, fear, shame, poor health, etc shall be Insane moments; and moments of delight, victory, happiness, rejoicing, joy, good health, etc shall be Sane moments.

It suffices to say then that DAILY, we unconsciously/consciously slip in and out of INSANITY. Our level of Emotional Mastery then determines the duration of our stay, Short… or Fearfully LONG, leaving behind a tide-washed path through a blooming garden of colorfully blossoming flowers of Low Self-Esteem, Depression, and the eventual leafy tree of SUICIDE.


But we can CHOOSE to Survive, RISE and STAY above the challenges…

We can CHOOSE to make the daytime moments our more stable habitat…

We can CHOOSE Sanity in spite…

And no matter how many times we Fall or Fail…


And NEVER give up..

Until WE WIN!!!

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