UR³ 2020

Unveil, Review, Redefine & Relaunch (UR³) is a repositioning meeting organised to help individuals and focused teams to Survive Loss, Manage Transitions, Envision, Engage/Re-engage, Build-to-Last and Thrive in 2020 and beyond.

The premier event took place on 18th January 2020 at the Radisson Blue Anchorage Hotel. Its target audience was the aspiring, engaged and almost exiting working class to ignite a commitment to Reinvention for self-optimisation and social impact.

Did you miss UR³ 2020? It was a phenomenal event. Below are highlights.

Look out for UR³ 2021!

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"Goal Setting" (identifying and  documenting your goals) is the easiest part of the journey to achieving your dreams. The "Realisation" however (implementation, commitment, discipline, consistency, focus, resilience)... "THIS" is the REAL DEAL!

SUCCESS/GREATNESS is always a consequence of INTENTION. What have you been doing DAILY... INTENTIONALLY, to move you one step closer to your desired GOAL?

REMEMBER, Clocks DON'T Stop... Time WON'T Wait...