UR³ Conference 5.0!

The annual resilience summit to equip you with the mental and emotional capacity to navigate the unfolding year.

Theme: Navigating & Evolving Beyond Disruption!

19th & 20th January, 2024.

Review, Redefine & Relaunch Your Steps For A Thriving And Productive 2024!

15+ Coaches & Expert Consultants

One-to-One Coaching/Therapy Session

Physical Or Virtual Participation


Fun & Relaxation

Before you go...

If the year 2023 or the last few years have been hard on you…

I want you to know that you are not alone.

I understand where you are.

And if you stay with me for a moment…

You will discover four-step transformational processes to help you scale through and rise above challenging moments in 2024 and beyond.

“It was a great reminder of how powerful we are”

Shockingly, about 280 million people worldwide are experiencing a form of depression (unknown to them), according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

And unknown to us, only a few are aware of this.

That’s why most people’s health and productivity levels are depreciating at workplaces and everyday activities…Without being conscious of it.

Now my question for you is — How do you stay determined and focused to succeed as an individual during these challenging times?

Come Closer! Sit back and READ what I have for you today…

I want you to know that life happens to EVERY one of us.

And one instruction you must hold on tightly to is,“Know how to let go!”

However, the process of letting go varies from one person to another.

So, everyone should be allowed their time to get over unpleasant disruptions.

Yet, you must also recognise the importance of learning and knowing how to relaunch with a positive and growth mindset to move forward.

This will determine how fast you recover from a painful or traumatic situation.

You see, I remember when I lost my job and had a DRASTIC career fall in 2017.

It was a challenging moment in my life.

That particular incident destabilised me terribly, to the point that I considered “ending it!”

But today, I am glad to say I scaled through, and my questions for you are…

This should be your next line of thought.

Because everyone needs a recovery process after a difficult moment.

It’s the process of taking control of your thoughts… and developing strategies to thrive over your fears, pain, discomfort, trauma, etc.

Hence, the Conception Of the Proven UR³ Transformational Process.

Step 1

Unveil to recognise the current state you are in (your Thoughts, Feelings & Emotions).

Step 2

Review how you got to the current state.

Step 3

Redefine where you want to get to or who you want to become and determine the next steps forward.

Step 4

Relaunch with progressive action to reach for the new life (or positive state) that you desire and deserve.

"I gained unique ideas that helped me find strength"


UR³ Conference

Unveil, Review, Redefine & Relaunch.

The Resilience Summit

Date: 19th & 20th January 2024

Time: 10:00 am Each Day

Location: Alliance Francaise Mike Adenuga Center, Ikoyi, Lagos.

Who Can Be A Part Of The UR³ Conference?

Join 500+ Individuals Who Have Benefitted From the UR³ Conference Impact:

Previous attendees of the conference can attest to the fact that their lives were transformed after the UR³ Conference.

“It changed my mindset”

“Having heard the testimonial from the previous events, I ensured to attend the 2023 event.”

Gain Insights and Thriving Strategies From Keynote Speakers, Coaches, Experts, and Therapists From Across The Globe.


Stephanie Kadiri “StephREDD”

Stephanie Kadiri, also known as “StephREDD” is a connoisseur Life Coach who specialises in Self-ReEngineering and Communication coaching to help people communicate, lead and impact from their place of genius, for self and social impact.

StephREDD with her philosophy “Never give up until you win; at the worst, finish strong!”, has trained…

… and coached several thousands of individuals, focus groups and teams to help them optimise their performance and productivity through life.

Her story about how she almost committed suicide after falling to ground zero because of a sudden disruption in her career led her to birth the vision for UR³.

Today, hundreds of lives have been touched by the UR³ conference, now hosting its 5th edition.

She will be speaking on the topic Evolving Pre, During & Post Disruption.

Keynote Speaker

Robert Burale

Image & Business Consultant, International Speaker - Kenya

Topic: Beyond Disruption

Learn From Life-Changing Panel Discussions

Empowering Topics and Conversations For This Edition’s Conference…

TOPIC #1: A Conversation for Men & the Women Who Love Them.

Robert Burale

Transformational Speaker, Founder - Me of Valour & Naked Truth - Kenya

Akanimo Ekong

Empathetic Counsellor and Leadership Coach, MD, Candor Consulting - Nigeria

Enitan Oyenuga

Clinical Psychologist & Life Coach, CEO - Emotions Mechanic - Nigeria

TOPIC #2: Repurposing Lemons: Tales of Disruptions & Triumphs

Dr. Irene Titilola Olumese

Transformational Coach & Trauma-Informed Care Specialist - Switzerland

Michael Magrutshe

Creative Awareness Educator - USA

Laila St. Matthew-Daniel

Growth & Transformation Expert; Executive Leadership Coach - Nigeria

Ronya Man

Cosmopolitan Actress, Filmmaker and Acting Coach - Nigeria

TOPIC #3: How to Navigate Future Poly Crisis with an Anti fragile Mind

Charlotte Kemp

Futurist, President - Global Speakers’ Federation - South Africa

Dr. Richard Osibajo

Transformational & Executive Leadership Coach - USA

Mounfiq Raiyan Abu

Certified Coach & Business Consultant - Nigeria

TOPIC #4: Tricks & Treats for Avoiding the Point of No Return

Tega Omogor

Addiction Therapist & Counsellor - Nigeria

Anita Asuoha “Real Warri Pikin”

Stand-Up Comedian, and Entertainer - Nigeria

TOPIC #5: Healthier Options for Disruptive Times

Bimbo Ikpefan

Spa Director and Consultant Massage by Carmel

Dolly Phillips

Certified Personal Trainer & Fitness Coach, Founder - Alpha Fitness Studios

Abimbola Obafunwa

Director, Corporate Dance

“The sessions on Business Intelligence and Mental Health were spot on”

Discover Strategies For Preserving Emotional, Psychological & Physical Well-Being.

Get ready for 2024, by acquiring resilience strategies to navigate through probable future disruptions.

Come learn from a host of others who have experienced similar challenges emotionally and physically and are THRIVING STRONG regardless…

…so you can apply your learnings to your business, relationships and life in general.

It’s time to…

Picture This!

You just left the UR³ Resilience Summit, and within two days of the conference, you regain…

Would this be worth taking up?

How To Join The 5th Edition Of UR³ Conference (2024)?

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“It helped me look at business differently”

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UR³ stands for Unveil, Review, Redefine & Relaunch. It’s an annual conference that offers progressive resilience strategies, healthy coping techniques, psychosocial support and a roadmap to help people navigate life’s challenges.
The conference is held annually, and the upcoming edition is scheduled for 19th to 20th January 2024, at Alliance Françoise, Mike Adenuga Centre, Ikoyi-Lagos.
The conference covers a wide range of topics related to how to reinforce emotional, mental, spiritual resilience and includes strategies for navigating disruptions.
Attendees include business leaders, entrepreneurs, career professionals, and individuals from various industries interested in charting a progressive way forward and maintaining resilience while at it.
The conference aims to address issues that cut across various industries and sectors and provide insights and strategies applicable to a diverse audience.
Registered Virtual attendees will receive login details for the networking platform before the day of the conference.
No, registration is required for access to any part of the conference, including specific sessions and workshops.
The conference organizers prioritize the safety of attendees. Details on COVID-19 safety measures will be communicated accordingly.
For the 2024 edition, Day 1 is purely virtual, while Day 2 is a Hybrid.
No. The virtual edition comes at a fee. Please view the page for more details.
Yes, selected sessions may be available for on-demand viewing post-conference. Details will be communicated to attendees.
Group discounts may be available. Please contact the registration team via ur3@stephredd.com for information on group rates.
Yes, attendees can request a certificate of attendance, which will be provided upon request post-conference.
Yes, there will be opportunities for meet-and-greet sessions. More details will be provided closer to the event.
Regular updates, announcements and changes will be communicated to registered participants via email newsletters and official social media channels.
The event kicks off at 10 am on each day.
Sponsorships, collaborations and partnership details are available on the conference website. https://ur3.stephredd.com/sponsorship/

For personalized inquiries, kindly send an email to ur3@stephredd.com

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