While serving as a human resources professional for about a decade, I experienced how so little significance was given to effective communication and not the academics of it. I cannot tell now if it was because of a lack of understanding of what “it” was, or if it was just an intentional act to keep in obscurity the realities and immeasurable possibilities that lie in genuine, open, compelling and progressive communication.

We, humans, all want to succeed; we want success. But I believe that eventual success lies in the ability to effectively communicate the “success vision” as seen (by the visionary) to the potential executors. Looking back at stories of history makers like John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Barak Obama, and so many other world changers (fit in any name that resonates with you), I see a vision/intent well communicated outliving the visionary. In leadership, communication, whether lateral or vertical, paints a picture of an intent/purpose worth being a part of; a concept that remains tangibly engraved in the hearts and minds of the potential executors who are willing to and find fulfilment in running with the vision to a successful conclusion even after the visionary may have passed on. In the words of John Maxwell, “Everything rises and falls on leadership; and leadership rises and falls on communication”. Communication is a double-edged weapon, able to empower or incapacitate, although it is not always about what you say or are saying; rather, more about what you did not or are not saying. But how can you tell?

I have encountered many people who believe that open, honest and progressive communication is tantamount to weakness or an abdication of control. For some others, painstaking or a waste of time. So they intend a lot, say a little and hold back a lot. Some other time, they intend something but say nothing. Or even worse if I may add, they intend nothing and say nothing. Reminds me of a post I once saw shared by a teenage influencer/blogger that read “If I don’t reply to your message, that is my answer.”

Did you get that? Do you understand what that means? Fantastic if you got it once. But if not, imagine for a moment how your audience, whether of one, two or more, would occasionally or frequently wonder at your communication, seeking to understand your intent/goal/vision. As leaders, how much do we commit to communicating a compelling vision that will stir willful allegiance? The same thing applies to relationships, friendships, partnerships, and all other relative “ships” – is there “understanding” in communication. Well, this particular SHIP far outweighs the titanic, so I’ll just drop it here and walk on by so I don’t sink with it.

I took a survey on a major social media platform and the major concern that people expressed was “Fear of being Misunderstood.” What is your case?

Behold my transitory thoughts as I still muse on the complexities of the subject – Communication. While I stay at it, pray tell… What is your communication style? Do you communicate at your genius level? What is your greatest communication challenge? Do you ever feel misunderstood when you communicate? What would you like to achieve when you communicate?

So many questions. But hey! Nothing to worry about; I gatchyu! Do you desire to improve? YES!!! Then sign up for any of my open communication programs or for a 1-on-1 coaching to enhance your communication genius and get you understood every time you show up. Connect with me here – https://stephredd.com/contact/ Get to it!



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