Who I am, is who I have become

I stand tall, I walk bravely

Despite fear, unshaken, never cowering

Because I know who I am.


I don’t give in to scepticism

I abhor cynicism

I don’t consider impossibilities

Because I know who I am.


Who I am, is bold, who I am, is confident,

Who I am, loves, cares and preserves.

Who I am, is kind, who I am, is considerate,

Who I am, builds, nurtures and enables.

Who I am is truthful; who I am is dependable,

Who I am, trusts, upholds and defends.

Who I am, is believing, who I am, is optimistic,

Who I am, hopes anticipates and empowers.

Who I am, praises, who I am celebrates

Who I am, believes the best in others

And gives them the BEST of ME…



Can you articulate your uniqueness? Here’s one of the reasons why you need to: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/eleni-makedonas/the-journey-of-selfdsicvo_b_7028362.html

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