“EVERYTHING rises and falls on Communication”. Although everybody communicates, very few people connect.


Communication is a major driver in all human relations and determines positive and negative outcomes in its various forms of expression. Averagely, people spend 70% to 80% of their waking hours in some form of communication – writing, reading, speaking and/or listening and a common erroneous allusion is that excellent communication rests majorly on eloquence. However, beyond eloquence, there is an ART that must be learned to effectively persuade and influence behaviours for optimal results. But more importantly, is the SCIENCE that precedes and determines the art.


Whether engaged too much, too little or not at all, communication plays a significant role in determining the success or failure of relationships, teams, partnerships, leadership, organisations, societies and nations.  Hence this course is designed to infuse in each participant a deep sense of consciousness that enables them to not just communicate but to SHOW UP to connect anywhere, anytime and with anyone.


  • Do you frequently feel misunderstood or unheard?
  • Do you feel incompetent to take centre stage?
  • Do you pass your turn when called up to express your views in a given situation?
  • Do you feel uncomfortable when asked to stand before an audience, of one or more, to speak?
  • Do you frequently find yourself in conflicts?
  • Do you feel anxious about a new position or responsibility?
  • Do you feel like a pushover when relating with others within your circle of friends, colleagues, or in a relationship or marriage?
  • Do you stammer and so fear that you will not communicate adequately to be heard correctly, OR do you stammer when you feel anxious or afraid and so never show up to speak?
  • Do you feel like an imposter even though you may have bagged all the degrees and certifications?
  • Do you struggle with effectively managing people?
  • Do you see opportunities and never consider yourself in the equation?


This 4-day virtual course is infused with cognitive behavioural therapy and emotional intelligence techniques to equip you with the competence, confidence and courage required to SHOW UP consistently to connect, inspire and impact progressively as a Parent, Coach, Leader, Speaker, Change Agent or one who is aspiring to be any of these. You will discover a new perspective of you that will BOOST how you show up progressively in every area of your life. You will become a more compelling communicator who connects effectively to win with others. You will acquire bulletproof competence to:

  • Effectively navigate communication barriers – anxieties, coping mechanisms, shyness, stage fright, stammering, fear of public speaking, biases, etc.
  • Improve your conflict resolution and negotiation skills to achieve desired personal, team and societal goals.
  • Increase your persuasion skills to become a more influential leader.
  • Build and progressively optimise meaningful/profitable connections.
  • Build and progressively grow a unique presence.
  • Improve diction and elocution.
  • Become an impactful Leader, Coach, Public Speaker, Spouse, Parent, Educator, etc

Participants also enjoy ONE FREE 1-on-1 coaching with StephREDD post the training to strategies on individual goals for career, business and life.

The program is also available for customised engagement with functional, cross-functional and virtual teams.


This is an integrative training and coaching program. Participants will enjoy a 1-on-1 coaching session post the immersive training to focus on their specific communication challenges and map out new strategies for progressive improvement.
The training comprises customised instructional slides and videos, real-time simulations, discussions, case studies, story-telling, practical worksheets, comparative analysis, goalsetting, etc.

Who Should Attend?

Leaders, Aspiring Leaders, Coaches, Public Speakers, Educators, Spouses/Partners and anyone who desires to progressively win with people.


Certificate of Participation.


EARLY BIRD FEE: 200 USD or 120,000 naira (13th June – 10th July, 2022)
Regular Fee: 300 USD or 180,000 naira


OPTION 1: Four (4) Consecutive days

27th – 30th July 2022, 12 noon – 4:20 pm daily.


OPTION 2: Four (4) Consecutive Saturdays

6th, 13th, 20th & 27th August 2022, 12 noon – 4:20 pm weekly.


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