In the words of John Maxwell “Everything rises and falls on leadership, and leadership rises and falls on effective communication”. It suffices to say that “EVERYTHING rises and falls on Communication”.

Communication is a major driver in all human relations which determines positive and negative outcomes in its various forms of expression and application. Studies show that active humans averagely spend 70% to 80% of their waking hours in some form of communication – writing, reading, speaking and/or listening.


A common erroneous allusion is that effective communication is all about eloquence. However, whether engaged too much, too little or not at all, communication plays a significant role in determining the success or failure of friendships, relationships, teams, partnerships, leadership, organisations, societies and nations.  Hence it is crucial to frequently and progressively evaluate one’s communication prowess.

The Goal

This is a carefully curated program that comprises Verbal Communication (WHAT YOU SAY) which enables you to communicate eloquently; Vocal/Visual Communication (HOW YOU SAY) which enables you to communicate tactfully, and more importantly, Communication Programming (WHY YOU SAY WHAT YOU SAY), which enables you to redefine how you show up.


This program was designed to help you become a more compelling communicator who connects effectively to win with others. You will acquire bulletproof competence to:

  • Effectively navigate communication barriers – anxieties, coping mechanisms, stage fright, fear of public speaking, etc.
  • Successfully resolve all kinds of conflicts to achieve desired personal, team and societal goals.
  • Define and progressively engage your personal communication presence.
  • Improve diction and elocution.
  • Become an impactful Leader, Coach, Public Speaker, Spouse, Educator, etc

This is a 3-day virtual program.

A physical program can also be arranged, respecting all health and safety protocols.

Who Should Attend?

Aspiring Leaders, Coaches, Public Speakers, Educators, Spouses/Partners and anyone who desires to successfully win with people.


Customised PowerPoint slides, Interactive Videos, Case studies, Individual and Groups Worksheets, comparative analysis, practice tools, etc.


Certificate of Participation.


Actual Fee: 120 USD or 70,000 naira
Early Bird Fee: 100 USD or 60,000 naira


1st to 3rd March 2022.

6 pm daily.


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Account Name: StephREDD Solutions
Financial Institution: Guaranty Trust Bank

Account Numbers:

Naira: 0435327324
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