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My knowledge still finds depth as the number of my years are but a few,

Yet a frightening reality awakens, dimming the beam of a beautiful horizon.

The frequency of her heartbreaking cries from the intense horror inflicted on such tenderness,

Verbally, physically and sexually, birthing unfathomable hurt, pain, and even worse, LOSS.


“VENGEANCE!” the crowd yells out with ruthless indignation at the perpetrator of this evil.

“TO THE GALLOWS!” they call out with merciless plea, as they seek atonement by blood.

“Drag them along the sun-scorching highways, feed their carcass to the birds of hate and rid the earth of all the sorrow that they bring”.


For records to present to the future, separate that one.

Yes, YOU!

Reaffirm your plea, oh Monster!!!”


A quintessence of physical strength and social status with a velvety baritone that echoes with the waters.

Never heaving a sigh or a flinch of weakness, for it is unacceptable of my specie.


Shrouded from birth by expectations and stereotypes – “Tears are for the weak… Unguarded emotions are not for your kind… Do not cower… Do not show weakness”…

I have cried and grieved in silence many of my days, never to be heard by another,

Because I am “Man”!


Before I plead, before your sentence

Allow me one question, I pray, since you have let me speak at all.

Why should laughter, love and joy have free expression,

Yet pain, loss and hurt be muffled to suffer in quantum silence?


Another yet I pray since you allowed me the first.

How do I rid my heart and mind of the decay of muffled emotions from hideous times past?


One last please, I promise no other.

When I am all alone with the horrifying confusion in my thoughts,

Where?… How?… Do I find release from the pain, the fear, the insecurities and innumerable anxieties that steadily consume my soul,

And anchors me deeper into the sea of unquantifiable calamity?


Oh that you may look closely to see, consider and acknowledge



My plea?…


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